How hot is red hot iron?

Updated: 8/11/2023
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Well, Ussually iorns can get pretty hot, But you don't see every day hot things get red do you . Well use fire for an example what colors are fire, What colors do you see in fire usually red orange yello wand blue and a fire is over 200 degrease so a red hot iron would be over 400 degrease. Nver ever touch a red hot iron ever unlease well that's somthing else. to britten up your day here is a joke

Does the deer have a little doe? ya two bucks

cracks me up!

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Q: How hot is red hot iron?
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What happens when carbon monoxide is passed over red hot iron at 120c?

It would cool the iron. Iron is red hot at about 700 C

Who is more popular iron maiden or Red Hot Chili Peppers?

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Does hot iron emit infra red?

Anything hot emits infrared.

Why is hot iron red?

The elements inside the hot iron are energetic and some of that energy is released to its environment. The energy is released as photons at a certain frequency for each temperature of the hot iron. Energy at the frequency you are talking about is interpreted by the mind as the color red. If the hot iron were even hotter it might look like a more pale red. At a higher temperature yet it might look quite white.

What is the surface like on mars when its hot or cold?

its colder that cold not hot it has red iron oxides

Why can you see a red-colored light coming from the heating element of an operating toaster?

because the heating element is made of iron and iron glows red-hot when exposed to substantial heat which is triggered using electricity, and therefore the iron is hot (and therefore you see the red light).

Why does iron become from red hot on heating where as paper?

Because of the fire

Red hot iron ordeal?

an early methods of detecting deception

What is the temperature of a red hot iron?

In the range of 200 to 300 degree centigrade

When steam is passed over red hot iron?

Hydrogen gas is produced.

What is the iron block on which a blacksmith hammers red- hot iron?

That is called an ANVIL and most blacksmiths would have had at least 3 of them.

Why does red hot liquid iron turn solid?

Its its liquid state the iron is "molten" As it cools It looses heat and solidifies.