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Q: How is bioluminescence best classified?
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What are the three main colors of bioluminescence?


How is heat best classified?

Heat is best classified as energy :)

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What three substances are needed for bioluminescence to occur?

Luciferin, and enzyme called luciferase. Bioluminescence does not occur in the absence of oxygen.

The light produced by bioluminescence uses the energy from?

The light produced by bioluminescence uses the energy from a living organism. Bioluminescence occurs in marine animals, such as loose-jawed fish of the genus Tomopteris; bioluminescence also occurs in land animals, such as the glow worm and the firefly.

What energy is used from bioluminescence?

Bioluminescence is a chemical energy that is released by some living organisms. Many fish that live in the deep ocean create this kind of light. Fireflies are another well-known example of bioluminescence.

How do you use bioluminescence in a sentence?

"Bioluminescence is the biochemical emission of light by living organisms such as glow-worms and deep-sea fish..."

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Is bioluminescence is earth most important source of light?

bioluminescence is earths most important source of light tru or false

What is the production of light by living animals?


What has the author Wayne E Esaias written?

Wayne E. Esaias has written: 'Ecological implications of dinoflagellate bioluminescence' -- subject(s): Bioluminescence, Dinoflagellates