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There is no lead in pencils. It is actually Graphite. Graphite is frequently call "lead" as in "lead" pencils, but there is no lead in graphite or pencils. Pencils simply contail a mixture of Graphite and fine clay in varying proportions to make them hard or soft.

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Q: How is lead put into pencils?
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Is lead put into pencils or it is not?


What do people put in lead pencils?

People around the world don't put lead in lead pencils or any pencils! They put something called graphite. They use graphite because lead is poisonous. If a peice of lead touched you, you would have poison in you. Then eventually you would die. So that is what people put in lead.

What are legal issues with pencils?

pencils contain lead. lead is dangerous for humans. many students put pencils in there mouth and can lead to lead poisoning. This can bring lawsuits against companies for negligence as the companies know the pencils contain lead which is toxic.

What is the full process in steps of making lead used in pencils?

1. Find lead 2. Put in pencil Btw most pencils use graphite

What is a percentage of lead in a lead pencil?

Lead pencils such as NO. 2 pencils have no lead. The "lead" in them is actually graphite.

What is graphite used in?

pencils such as lead pencils

What is borax decahydrate used for?

USED for lead and pencils USED for lead and pencils

What are lead pencils made out of?

The lead in pencils are not made out of lead, as is common belief. Pencil lead is made out of graphite.

Is lead used in pencils?

No. Lead used to be used in pencils but they stopped using it in them becasue of lead poisoning from pencils. Now they use graphite instead

What are some unusual uses of lead?

in pencils in pencils

Where does the lead in pencils come from?

The Lead in pencils come from graphite. Graphite is an allotrope of carbon.

Why was lead taken out of lead pencils?

There has never been any lead in lead pencils. The graphite deposit that produced the first pencils was mistakenly thought to be lead. Chemists pointed out the error but the name stuck.

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