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149 g of calcium contain 22,39.10e23 atoms.

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Q: How many atoms are in 149 g of calcium?
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How many atoms of calcium are present in 61.5g?

61,5 g calcium contain 9,241.10e23 atoms.

How many atoms are in 173 g of calcium?

When calculating calcium you must first see how many moles are there. There are 2.6Ã?10^24 atoms in 173 grams of calcium.

How many atoms are in 175 g of calcium?

175 g Ca (1 mol / 40.078 g) (6.022x10^23 atoms / 1 mol) = 2.63x10^24 Ca atoms There are 2.63x10^24 c.alcium atoms in 175 grams of calcium.

How many atoms of calcium are in 1.00 gram?

There are 6.023 x 10^23 atoms in each mole of calcium. I mole of calcium is 40 g, so 1 g contains 6.023 x 10^23/40 atoms = 1.506 x 10^24

Which has more atoms 10.0 g of oxygen or 10.0 g of calcium?


How many moles of oxygen atoms are in 2.53 g of calcium hydroxide?

The answer is 0,068 mol (for O not for O2).

How many atoms in 133 g of calcium?

Get off Wiki Answers Mrs. Z's chemistry class

How many atoms are in 147 g of calcium?

Quite a few! 147 grams calcium (1 mole Ca/40.08 grams)(6.022 X 1023/1 mole Ca) = 2.21 X 1024 atoms of calcium ----------------------------------------

How many atoms are in 0.0010 grams of calcium?

(g) -> moles = x(g) * (1 mol/molar mass)Moles -> atoms = x(mol) * (6.022*10^23/1 mol)

How many atoms are in 127 g of calcium?

The gram atomic mass of calcium is 40.08. Therefore, 127 g of calcium constitutes 127/40.08 or 3.69 gram atomic masses. By definition of Avogadro's Number, each gram atomic mass contains Avogadro's Number of atoms. Therefore, the answer is 3.69 X Avogadro's Number or 1.91 X 1024 atoms, to the justified number of significant digits.

What is the molar mass of calcium fluoride?

The formula is CaF2 so, its three atoms, one calcium and two fluorine atoms. add the molar mass of calcium(40 g/mol) and fluorine(19 g/mol X 2 because there are two atoms of fluorine) and you get 40+(19x2)=78 78 grams per mol

How many moles of calcium atoms are in 45.8 g of Ca?

1mol Ca = 40 gCa 45.8g/40g = 1.145 mol Ca