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Dichloromethane is H2Cl2C, assuming you are asking about natural isotopes:

  • hydrogen has 2 naturally occurring isotopes
  • chlorine has 2 naturally occurring isotopes
  • carbon has 2 naturally occurring isotopes

While there are 4 combinations of isotopes for hydrogen and chlorine, only 3 of each matter: heavy-heavy, heavy-light, and light-light.

Thus 3 x 3 x 2 = 18 different masses.

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Q: How many different mass molecules are there for dichloromethane?
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To calculate the grams of dichloromethane produced, we first need to convert the mass of methane from kilograms to grams, which is 1,540 grams. Given a yield of 48.2%, we can multiply this by the yield percentage to find the actual amount of dichloromethane produced: 1,540 grams of methane x 0.482 = 742.28 grams of dichloromethane.

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