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2 electrons with opposite spin in an s orbital .

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Q: How many electrons can the S sublevel hold?
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How many electrons can an s-sublevel hold?

There is only one orbital in an s-sublevel, so it can hold only 2 electrons.

Why can a p sublevel hold 6 electrons while the s sublevel can hold no more than 2 electrons?

because sublevel p has 3 orbital and each orbital can hold up to 2 electrons meanwhile sublevel s only has 1 orbital and each can hold 2 electrons therefore sublevel p can hold more

What is the maximum number of electrons in an sublevel?

The S sublevel may hold 2 electrons, P sublevel may hold 6, D can hold 10, and F can hold 14. (There are a few more, but they're irrelevant).

How many electrons are in the s sublevel?

there are two electons in the s sublevel. It is the number of electrons that fit in the first orbital around an atom.

What is the number of electrons on an s sublevel?

S sublevel has 2 maximum

How many electrons are found in each sublevel?

Multiply the orbitals in that sublevel by 2. The s sublevel has one orbital and can contain 2 electrons. The p sublevel has three orbitals and can contain 6 electrons. The d sublevel has five orbitals and can contain 10 electrons. The f sublevel has seven orbitals and can contain 14 electrons.

How many orbitals can be in a f sub level?

f has 14 electrons in 7 sublevel orbitals,d has 10 electrons in 5 sublevel orbitals,p has 6 electrons in 3 sublevel orbitals,s has 2 electrons in 1 sublevel orbital.

How many electrons are held in s sublevel?

s-sublevels holds only two electrons in maximum.

What is the number of electrons in an s sublevel?


What is the maximum number of electrons in sublevel s?


What is the maximum number of electrons in the 3s sublevel?

In every sublevel, the s orbital can always hold a maximum number of 2 electrons. That is, from 1s to 7s, each of them can only have 2 maximum electrons because each of them has only 1 single s orbital. Every orbital is only capable of holding maximum of 2 electrons

What sublevel in group 2 elements are valence electrons?


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