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The first row of the Periodic Table contains two elements.

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Q: How many elements are in the 1st row of the periodic table?
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What is the 1st element in the periodic table of elements?


Where in the periodic table is nitrogen found?

Nitrogen can be found in the 1st period of group 15 elements in the periodic table.

What is the 1st man made element on the periodic table?

If you are looking at the proper periodic table, there aren't any man made elements.

Why is Dimitri Mendeleev considered the father of the periodic table of the table?

He created the first rational and quasi-complete (with the chemical elements known during his life) periodic table.

Which 1st ten elements in the periodic table have isotopes?

All except neon and helium

What is the 1st block of the periodic table called?

alkali metals / s block elements

Where is butane found in periodic table?

In the periodic table only elements are placed in groups and periods. Butane is NOT an element but a compound: C4H10, made of two elements: the 1st Hydrogen and the 6th Carbon.

What are the 1st 20 elements of the periodic table made of?

The first twenty elements are made up f different things

Why there are only two elements in the 1st period of the periodic table?

Because there are only two elements with neutral charge that have one energy level.

Differences between alkil metals and halogens?

The elements of the 1st GROUP of the periodic table are called alkali metals. The elements of the 17th GROUP of the periodic table are called halogens. Alkali metals are soft metals whereas halogens are non-metals.

Where is sodium on the periodic table of elements?

You should try looking at a periodic table first. Sodium will appear with the symbol Na and it is in the 3rd row of the 1st group (the alkali metals) Atomic number 11

What is the 1st element on a periodic table?

the first element is hydrogen in periodic table. It is placed at the top.

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