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100 times more acidic.

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Urine with a pH of 6 is 100 times more acidic than seawater with a pH of 8. This is because the pH scale is logarithmic, with each unit change representing a tenfold difference in acidity or alkalinity.

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Q: How many times acidic is urine with the pH level of 6 than seawater with a pH of 8?
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What is the normal pH level in urine?

The normal pH level in urine ranges from 4.6 to 8.0. A pH level below 7 is considered acidic, while a pH level above 7 is alkaline.

What is the pH level of rat urine?

The pH level of rat urine is typically around 6 to 7, which is slightly acidic to neutral.

Would seagull pee dissolve in seawater?

Urine does not dissolve, no. It's there in the seawater along with all the fish urine and seal urine and dolphin urine and pelican urine...

What is the pH of pig urine?

The normal PH level of pig urine is a little on the acidic side 5 to 6.5. Depending on what the pig eats the PH level can differ between pigs.

What is dissolved in seawater?

Seawater contains a variety of dissolved substances, with the most abundant being sodium and chloride ions from salt (sodium chloride). Other common elements and compounds found in seawater include magnesium, calcium, sulfate, and bicarbonate ions, as well as dissolved gases like oxygen and carbon dioxide. Organic matter including proteins, carbohydrates, and fats also exist in seawater in smaller amounts.

Is urine least acidic?

yes in all three kind amonia, urea and urine its least acidic

What is the pH level in human urine?

The normal pH level for human urine typically ranges between 4.6 and 8.0. This range can be influenced by factors such as diet, hydration levels, and certain medical conditions. A neutral pH level is 7.0, with lower values indicating acidic urine and higher values indicating alkaline urine.

How many times more acidic is lemon juice than urine?

Recommendation: measure the pH with a pH-meter or with pH papers.The expression "many times more acidic" is not so correct in context.

How does starvation influence urine pH?

the urine becomes acidic

Will protein-rich diet cause urine to be acidic or basic?


What does a low PH number in urine indicate?

A low pH number in urine indicates that the urine is more acidic. Possible reasons for this could include dehydration, a diet high in acidic foods, certain medical conditions, or medications that increase urine acidity. It is important to consult a healthcare provider for proper evaluation and treatment.

What pH level should a German shepherd be?

7.0. Anything below 6.2 makes it acidic and anything over indicates Alkaline urine.