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5 grams

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Q: How much aluminum foil is in a gum wrapper?
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Is peeling the foil off a gum wrapper illegal?

If it is your gum and you want to separate the foil from any paper that is also used, there's no law against it. However, some recycling facilities limit their acceptance of aluminum foil because of contaminating substances.

How much does a gum wrapper weigh?

A gum wrapper is about 2 inches by 3 1/2 inches. Hope this helped! :)

What kind of gum still comes with a wrapper you can use to make a gum wrapper chain?


Does the stride gum wrapper turn into gum?

no it dont

Is it true that if you chew Stride Gum with the wrapper on the wrapper will dissolve?


Is aluminum foil a problem for an airport scanner?

Aluminum foil, even pieces as small as candy wrappers, will set off a metal detector. Many companies are changing from aluminum foil to a paper wrap due to this problem. Your best bet is to remove any and all things you can from your pockets, gum and candy included!

An example of a non specular reflector is?

Aluminum foil some bubble gum wrappers The inside of a potato chip bag

Why is there a paper wrapper on the outside of an aluminium wrapper?

so that when your done with your gum you can then stick it in the wrapper then throw the wapper away. :)

What happens if you eat a foil cupcake wrapper?

Yes, so long as the wrapper is wax paper. Better to just chew on it though like gum.

When did tin foil change to aluminum foil and why?

Aluminium foil replaced tin foil immediately after World War II because aluminum is: easier to work (manufacture into usable artifacts), more plentiful in the Earth's crust (and therefore cheaper to produce and cheaper for YOU to buy), and has qualities that are deemed more useful.

Are you supposed to chew gum with the wrapper?

You aren't SUPPOSED too. It's not like there's a law or anything. But you can chew Stride gum with the wrapper and it will just dissolve.

What are some cool looking gum wrappers?

The 5 gum wrapper is pretty cool.