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The chemical formula for water is H2O. In one gallon of water, there are 210 moles. This means that breaking apart the water will release 420 moles of hydrogen gas. This is equivalent to 4710 liters of gas.

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Because oxygen is one-fourth of a decomposition of H2O, it would create one-fourth of a gallon of oxygen.

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Q: How much oxygen gas can be produced by electrolysis of one gallon of water?
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How you produce oxygen?

It can be produced by electrolysis of water. Which disassociates the Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules.

In an electrolysis of water what produces more gas hydrogen or oxygen?

As each water molecule contains one atom of Oxygen and two atoms of Hydrogen you would expect electrolysis of water to produce twice as much Hydrogen as Oxygen.

How is chlorine produced?

Chlorine is usually produced by the electrolysis of seawater.

How do you get oxygen out of water?

By electrolysis

Were do you get hydrogen from?

Hydrogen is generally produced by electrolysis of water, where electricity is used to split it into its component atoms: Hydrogen and oxygen

How many molecules of oxygen are produced when a sample of 29.2 g of water is decomposed by electrolysis?

4.88 x 1023 molecules of O2

How did electrolysis changes the water?

Water is dissociated in hydrogen and oxygen.

How many oxygen molecules are produced from the splitting of two molecules of water if the balanced equation for the reaction is as follows 2H2O 2H2 plus O2?

Yes, you can turn water into oxygen and hydrogen gas with electricity; this process is called electrolysis.

How do you separate hydrogen and oxygen gases without explosion in industrial electrolysis of water?

you do this and that and this and also that you do this and that and this and also thatYou can separate water into oxygen and hydrogen by the process of electrolysis.

What is water electrolysis the chemical separation of?

Hydrogen & Oxygen.

What is the breakdown of water into hydrogen to oxygen is an example of?

Electrolysis. The breakdown of water into oxygen and hydrogen gas.

How do you make hydrogen from salt water?

You need to electrolyse it. Hydrogen will be produced at the cathode.