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when lime water react with carbon dioxide,it turns milky.So, we have to take some lime water in a test tube and exhale 2 -3 times to the test tube through a bend tube. It will turn milky and that's why our exhaled breath is carbon dioxide.

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Carbon dioxide makes lime water turn a milky/cloudy colour.

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Take some lime water in a bottle. Blow the gas which has to be tested. If the lime water turns milky, then the gas contains CO2.

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Q: How would you use lime water to test if there is carbon dioxide in your exhaled breath?
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When you exhale you breathe this plus carbon dioxide?

Exhaled breath contains:NitrogenArgonOxygenTraces of other atmospheric gasesWater vapourCarbon dioxideOdorous organicsPheromonesParticulates

What is exhaled from your lungs?

Air- with a lot of carbon dioxide and water vapor.

What happens to the products of respiration?

Since they are carbon dioxide and water they are "exhaled".

Is exhaled air neutral?

Containing carbon dioxide and water is not neutral.

What are the elements in the compound exhaled breath?

Air is alittle less than 80% Nitrogen(N), about 20% Oxygen(O2), and less than 1% of both Argon(Ar) and Carbon Dioxide(CO2).

Explain the amount of various gases in an inhaled and an exhaled air?

Inhaled airNitrogen: 78%Oxygen: 21%Carbon Dioxide: 0.04%Water Vapour: 0.96%Exhaled AirNitrogen: 78%Oxygen: 17%Carbon Dioxide: 4%Water Vapour: 3%

Does exhaled air contain water?

Yes, exhaled air contains trace amounts of water vapour.people breathe out carbon dioxide

How does the spiny lobster obtain oxygen and give off carbon dioxide?

When lobsters are underwater they breath in oxygen, when they come above water they breath out carbon dioxide.

Why does your breath turn white when its cold?

The water vapor in your exhaled breath condenses- it goes from very warm to very cold. The drop in temperature makes the VERY moist exhaled breath condense into water droplets. Those water droplets are visible, just as a cloud is visible.

Waste products of respiration?

The products of aerobic respiration are CO2, H2O, and ATP. The CO2 is excreted when you exhale and the H2O (water) is removed through the excretory system. The ATP is a form of energy used by the body.

Which gas does the exhaled air contain?

Exhaled air will contain all of the gases in regular air, except that it will have higher percentages of carbon dioxide and lower percentages of oxygen. (It still will have oxygen, or CPR wouldn't work.) It will also have water vapor from our lungs. The main gas in inhaled and exhaled air is nitrogen. This is followed by oxygen, then carbon dioxide, then other gases. Yes, there is still more oxygen exhaled than carbon dioxide, but at a smaller percentage than was inhaled. Chances are that your teacher is looking for the gas, carbon dioxide, as your answer, since that is the product of cellular respiration that is disposed of in exhaled air, but it isn't the main component of exhaled air.

When you exhale you breathe this plus co2?

Trace amounts of water vapour are also exhaled, alongside the carbon dioxide.