If cooled does most solids change into gases?

Updated: 8/11/2023
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When cooled gases change to liquids (usually) and then solids Solids don't change to gases upon cooling

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They contract.

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Q: If cooled does most solids change into gases?
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When most solids liquids and gases are heated they?


Why do gases expand most on heating and solids least?

That's because of greater intermolecular spaces in gases than in solids

Does Ice contract when cooled and expand when heated like most other solids?


Are the most chemically active solids are found in the noble gas family?

Noble gases are all gases and not solids. In addition they are generally chemically inert as they have completely filled orbitals. Also the most active solids are generally found in group 1

Why do gases duffuse quickly but most solids do not?

Its down to the molecules in the substance, in gases they are not that close to each other so they can move around quicker and faster so hence diffuse quicker in solids or most they are that tight they can not move are as easily.

What is diffusion in liquid and in gas?

Gases the most, then liquids. Solids generally don't diffuse.

Why do you think it is easier to find solids then liquids and gases?

I think because mostly it is solids that are all around you, and what you notice the most. So you don't really pay attension to liquids or gases unless your handling them.

Are isotopes gases?

Not necessarily. Most if not all of the elements have multiple isotopes, so some are gasses but most are solids.

Why does metal contract?

Metals, like most solids will contract when cooled. When cooled the atoms or molecules slow down, vibrating less often, causing a smaller average separation between them.

Why solid do not mix well but gases and liquids mix easily in most cases?

Solids do not mix well because there shape can not change. But a liquid and a gas can change their form. For example- you can't just change the shape of ice, but you can change the shape of water. Hope that helps

What state of matter expands the most on heating?

Solids, liquids and gases expand when heated, liquids and gases expand much more that solids. Gases can be compressed

What material does sound travel the fastest?

Sound travels the fastest in solids. Solids being the most denser make sound travel fastest as compared to liquids and gases which have speed of sound relatively less than solids.