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it is a aqueous

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Q: Is Ag3PO4 a solid or aqueous solution?
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Is Ag3PO4 aqueous or solid?

Ag3PO4 is a solid.

Is ClNH4 a solid or aqueous solution?

The correct formula is NH4Cl. This compound can be found both as a solid and in an aqueous solution.

Reaction of silver nitrate with sodium phosphate?

In solid state they don't react but in aqueous solution they form precipitate of silver phosphate due to its low solubility in water. Na3PO4(Aq.)+3AgNO3(Aq.) -----> 3NaNO3(Aq.)+Ag3PO4(ppts.)

Is copperII oxide an solid or an aqueous solution?

It is a dark grey solid.

Is PbSO4 a solid or an aqueous solution?

PbSO4 is a solid that will not dissolve in water.

Is Calcuim oxide corrosive?

In solid form not, but in aqueous solution it is.

When aqueous solutions of silver I nitrate and ammonium phosphate are combined solid silver I phosphate and a solution of ammonium nitrate are formed The net ionic equation for this is?

3 Ag+ + 3 (NO3)- + 3 (NH4)+ + (PO4)3- = Ag3PO4(s) + 3 (NH4)+ + 3 (NO3)-

Is cucl2 aqueous?

Under normal conditions CuCl2 can exist in either a solid state or in aqueous solution.

When lead nitrate solution is added to sodium iodine solution solid lead iodide is formed word equation?

Aqueous lead nitrate plus aqueous sodium iodide produce solid lead iodide and aqueous sodium nitrate.

What tests would you use to confirm you have a solution of Ag3PO4?

There is no such test to confirm you've a Ag3PO4-solution, because it is rather insoluble in water (about 0.00001 mol/L).

Is BaCO3 a solid or an aqueous solution?

BaCO3 is barium carbonate. It is a solid and is mostly insoluble in water.

Is CuNO3 a gas liquid solid or aq?

CuNO3 can be found as both a solid and as an aqueous solution.