Is AlCl3 hypervalent

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No, Al is a trivalent atom having three unpaired electrons in its outermost shell and forms three covalent bonds with chlorine atoms but due to incomplete octet it is unstable compound. For the completion of its octet Al atom may form a coordinate covalent bond with chloride ion (AlCl4)1- , now you can say that AlCl41- is hypervalent.

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Q: Is AlCl3 hypervalent
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What is meant by anhydrous AlCl3?

anhydrous means without water and anhydrous AlCl3 means, AlCl3 is hydrated in water therefore anhydrous AlCl3 is used.

Is alcl3 an electrolyte?

Yes, AlCl3 is a strong electrolyte.

Is CO SO2 AlCl3 or NO a nonpolar molecule?


What are the products when these react AlCl3 and HNO3 and AgNO3?


Is AlCl3 a covalent or ionic compound?

Solid AlCl3 is ionic. Liquid and gaseous AlCl3 is present as a covalent dimer, Al2Cl6. At high temperatures the dimer dissociates to form the planar covalent monomer AlCl3.

What is pH 0.1M AlCl3?

- log(0.1 M AlCl3) = 1 pH =====

What does alumium and choline make?

Aluminium Chloride (AlCl3) Al + 3Cl = AlCl3

The correct formula for aluminum chloride is what?

The chemical formula of aluminium chloride is AlCl3.

What is the name of the ionic compound AlCl3?

AlCl3 is the compound aluminum chloride.

What is the maximum mass of aluminum chloride that can be formed when reacting 22.0 of aluminum with 27.0 of chlorine?

This equation shows how much AlCl3 can be produced with 22.0g of Al. 22.0g Al x (1 mol Al/26.98g) x (2 mol AlCl3/2mol Al) x (133.34 g/1 mol AlCl3) = 108.66g AlCl3 This equation shows how much AlCl3 can be produced with 27.0g of Cl2. 27.0g Cl2 x (1 mol Cl2/70.91g) x (2mol AlCl3/3 mol Cl2) x (133.34g/1 mol AlCl3) = 33.87g AlCl3 This shows that chlorine is the limiting reactant. Only 33.87 grams of AlCl3 can be produced before the chlorine will run out. Using significant figures, the answer is 33.8g of AlCl3

What solutions will have the highest electrical conductivity 0.1m nacl 0.1m bacl2 0.1m alcl3?


What is the chemical formula for Aluminum Chlorine?

(inorganic chemistry) AlCl3 or Al2Cl6 A deliquescent compound in the form of white to colorless hexagonal crystals; fumes in air and reacts explosively with water; used as a catalyst