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Yes, as a art brand, Cretacolor nails it without a doubt! (They are an Austrian brand, Vienna and that says something, we all know that Vienna is the throne of European art and culture, just saying lol) I have a Blackbox set from Cretacolor and it's just amazing quality and investment overall if that's the point that you are catching. Mostly I use their graphite pencils and charcoal in pencil. I also adore KIN (Koh-I-Noor that's a Czech brand) in combination with the Creta's they are godly! Talking about quality, both brands are promising and the products are durable. If you like drawing with charcoal in pen, I would also recommend the Giaconda Negro from KIN. As I said before, both brands are good, you can't miss with the quality. Most people on YouTube that made a name for themselves draw with Cretacolor, ofcourse they use different brands but I always catch one Creta. Hope that I helped you a little. Drawing is abstract for everyone and as people are different and have many tastes in everything, so must we look into ourselves and find what we like. Sorry if I wrote something incorrect cause English isn't my native language you know. All best to you and good luck with drawing! :)

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Q: Is Cretacolor a good brand for art supplies?
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