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Q: Is a form of green carbonate when exposed to moist air a physical property or chemical property?
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Is the tendency of iron to form rust when exposed to air is it chemical or physical property?

It is a chemical property.

If Brand X aluminum foil is thicker than Brand Y is thickness a physical property or chemical property explain?

Thickness is a physical property without any relation with chemical composition or chemical changes.

Is light a physical or chemical property?

Radiation would be a chemical property. Remember, a physical property is something that does not change the composition or "identity" of a substance whereas a chemical property is something that does. Since anything exposed to radiation for a good amount of time would experience change in composition, it is thus referred to as a chemical property.

Is turning of copper into green when exposed into environment physical or chemical change?

It is a chemical change.

Does a physical or chemical change take place when an apple is exposed to oxygen over time with peroxide on it?


What happens when coppers chemical property when it is exposed to air?

its turns green and weird colors.

When a chocolate bar melt in the sun is that a physical change or a chemical change?

Physical, Since only the property of the chocolate didn't change, after it melted, it still is chocolate

What physical and chemical weathering changes could quartzite be exposed to in the future?

wind and water

Is the ability to rust a chemical property?

Rust is Iron Oxide which has accumlated on top of the iron. The top layer of the iron, when exposed to moisture or water, reacts with the oxygen in the air to form rust. Rust can also form when Iron is exposed to a strong oxidizer or acids. But rust is not a chemical property of iron, it's in fact a completely different compound which used to be iron before reacting with oxygen.

Is the ability of a substance to reflect light a chemical property why?

Some compounds undergo photo(light)degradation or photolysis when they are exposed to light. Some chemicals are stored in brown bottles due to this reason.

Copper turns green when exposed to the environment chemical or physical?

it is a chemical change because copper is one of the elements on the periodical table .

What physical and chemical weathering changes could limestone be exposed to in the future?

erosion, acid rain...