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It would then be called a "homogeneous mixture".

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Q: Is a mixture with parts that so mixed together so well that it looks the same everywhere?
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What is a mixture that looks the same throughout because it's components are uniformly mixed together?

This is called a homogenous mixture

When sugar and salt are mixed together are what?

the answer is whenthey mixed they are together in a mixture

What are the components of mixtures?

Whatever it was that was mixed together to form a mixture, is a component of that mixture.

What is called two or more substances that are mixed together but not chemically combined?

Two or more substances mixed together but not chemically combined form a mixture.

Is CH3COOH a mixture?

no, a mixture is 2 substances mixed together without a specific formula

Characteristics of heterogeneous mixture?

Well... A characteristic of a heterogeneous mixture is gasoline. Also if you have examples of heterogeneous mixture it could be salad, mixed fruit, or mixed vegetables. The reasons are because if you have a homogeneous mixture and a heterogeneous mixture then if you'd find the definition it would be: heterogeneous mixture- a mixture that is not well mixed together, homogeneous mixtre- a mixed that is well mixed together. by the way im in 6th grade.

Is butter a homogeneous or heterogeneous?

Butter is a homogeneous mixture. When all the components are mixed together the resulting product some how looks same but it is more thick than water

Is mixture not a solution?

When two granulated solids are mixed together.

Is rocky road ice cream a substance or a mixture and what kind?

Mixture... the cookies and ice cream and mixed together as there was no chemical reaction involved. It is heterogeneous because they are not evenly mixed together.

When is a mixture not solution?

A mixture is not a solution if it is in solid form.

When two or more substances are mixed together without undergoing a chemical reaction it results in?

If you mix things together, you get a mixture.

is lasayna a compound a mixture or a element?