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Yes. Plumbing fixtures are the most common.

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Q: Is brass used for commercial or industrial purpose?
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What is the purpose of a compressed air dryer?

A compressed air dryer is used to remove water vapor from compressed air. Compressed air dryers are used mostly in commercial and industrial facilities.

What is solar used for?

It is used for so many in domestic chores and industrial purpose

What are the different use of land?

land is used for agricultural use it is used for industrial purpose

In what industrial applications are lithium compounds used?

the production of synthetic vitamins, the manufacture of special-purpose alloys, use in aluminum lithium composite alloys for commercial and military aircraft, and in nuclear energy applications

How would you describe industrial marketing?

Industrial marketing involves the planning, sale, and service of products used for commercial or business purposes.

Where are industrial and commercial fans used?

The fan can be found in applications as diverse as huge blowers used to bubble air through sewage water and industrial waste, to street cleaners and industrial leaf blowers.

Why are industrial grade light switches not used in both commercial and domestic installations?


What is the purpose of a brass bar?

It really depends on what type of brass bar one is talking about. Brass bars can be used to be made into many things including shower handle bars, coat racks, and other decorative pieces.

How efficient are commercial light bulbs compared to industrial light bulbs?

Industrial light bulbs typically have larger wattage than commercial light bulbs. This is because commercial light bulbs are more commonly used in public as opposed to private homes.

Do Zebra Printers last a long time?

The type of business paper tags have to do with commercial or industrial business is you can print them out on a single sheet and put them on any industrial business materials. For commercial business it is used for advertising.

Experience of projects in either brown field or green field environment?

The land used for urban planning, that has once been used for commercial or industrial purpose is known as a brown field while green field environment is where there is no such constraints of existing buildings or infrastructure.

What is the source of most of the diamonds that are used for industrial purposes?

Industrial diamonds make up about 80% of all diamonds mined. As well, lab-created diamonds are mostly used for industrial purposes.