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No. That's hydrogenation.

Combustion is the exothermic reaction between a one substance (usually an organic compound) and oxygen. Simply put combustion is fire.

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C3h6 + h2 = c3h8

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Q: Is combustion the reaction of hydrogen and propene using a nickel catalyst?
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The reaction of hydrogen H2 and propene using a platinum catalyst is called?

An addition reaction, specifically it is called hydrogenation.

How many grams of water and propene can be formed from the reaction of 6.0 grams of 2-propanol?

The answer is: 4,2 g propene and 1,8 g water; it is a dehydration reaction.

The reaction in which propene is converted to 2-chloropropane is?


Is isopropyl alcohol mixture or a substance?

Isopropyl alcohol is an organic compound made in a hydrogen reaction by mixing water and propene. 2-propanol is the official name of the alcohol.

Can you list 10 combustible materials?

wood, leaves, paper, wax, hydrogen gas, ethanol, methane, propane, propene, benzene (Propane and and propene are two different substances- propene has an extra double bond.)

What is the reagents and reaction condition needed to convert propene to propane?

In order to convert propene to propane you must break the C=C double bond. The simplist way to do this is with a Lindlar catalyst (eg. H2,Pd). This reagent will break the double bond, giving you propane. The same reagent will also work if you need to break and triple bond and make it a double bond.

What two elements combined together in propene?

Propene formula CH3-CH=CH2 in which 2 elements Carbon and Hydrogen are combined, sharing 9 covalent electron bonds

Equation of the reaction propene HCL?

This website discusses the reaction briefly: Hope that helps!

What does propene and hydrogen make?

A common mechanism is the hydrogenation of a double bond, which would produce propane

What the reaction between propene and concentrated KMnO4 hot?

The reaction is:CH3-CH=CH2 + KMnO4 ------> CH3-COOH + CO2 + H2O

What is poly-propylene?

Polypropylene is a versatile polymer. It is used both as a plastic and as a fiber. Polypropylene is also known as polypropene. Polypropene is a polymer made up of monomers of propene (an alkene). In the presence of high pressure, high heat and the use of a catalyst, these monomers undergo an addition reaction whereby the monomers are joined together into a long chain known as a polymer. Nomenclature can be derived from "poly" meaning 'many' and "propene" the alkene with three carbon particles.

How propene molecules form a polymer?

Propene can undergo addition polymerisation because it consist of a susceptible double bond which can open up and react with other propene molecules to produce a long continuous macromolecule called polypropene.