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Gold is soluble in cyanide.

This sensitive method is used to leach gold from lowgrade ore.


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Q: Is gold soluble in some other solvent?
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Why do scientist not use water as a solvent for paint?

Scientists can use water as a solvent for paint, but only if the pigments of the pain are water soluble. If the pigments are not water soluble, then some other solvent must be used, for example oils. This is the difference between watercolor paintings and oil paintings.

Why are some chemicals soluble in water?

Water is what is known as a polar solvent, which means that the water molecule has a negative and a positive pole, based on the uneven distribution of electrons in the molecule. Other polar compounds are soluble in a polar solvent, because of the attraction between opposite poles. Non-polar compounds will not be soluble in a polar solvent.

Are covalent soluble?

Some covalent compiunds are soluble in polar solvents, many are only soluble in non-polar . Solubility depends on the nature of the compound AND the nature of the solvent!

What is the solute and solvent in chocolate?

the solvent is water and the solute is coco beans i think

In chromatography why do some colours not spread up the paper?

They do not move up because the aren't soluble the solvent

How do you test different solvents to test different solids to see if they are soluble?

A very good way to see if some solid is soluble in a solvent is to see if the solid has the same polarity. If these oppose they will not!! dissolve or even mix. Most Salts are soluble in a polar solution like Water. There are other solids that need something like petrol or an organic Solvent to dissolve them. You could also search for the "Solubility Rules".

Using the particle theory of matter explain why some solutes are soluble in a solvent but another is not?

cool stuff init

What are some examples OS soluble substances mentoin at least 5?

Substances that are soluble have the ability to to dissolve. A common example of a soluble substance would be sugar(C12H22O11) and salt(NaCl), both are easily soluble in the universal solvent, water. Three other examples are Potassium Chloride (KCl), Potassium Iodide(KI), and Sodium Nitrate(NaNO3).

Example of solvent?

Water, AKA the universal solvent.universal solvent is water a solute is like kool aidwater, oxygen, acids, turpentine.WaterWater is the most commonly cited example of a solvent. Other common examples are hexane, ethanol, and ether.A slovent dissolves a solute, a good example would be sugar (the solute) and water (the solvent) mixing together. A example of a solvent would be water, an example of a solute would be salt or sugar.Some solids are soluble in water , some are not . Some solids are soluble in gasoline, others are not. Not all solids are soluble in a liquid. Liquids can dissolve a solid. There are some kinds of solids that can dissolve in a particular kind of liquids. Water is however called the UNIVERSAL SOLVENT because it almost dissolve all subtances in a certain degree.Examples of Solvents : Water , Gasoline , Vinegar , Alcohol , Kerosene

Is KCl soluble or insoluble?

KCl is highly soluble in water and some other solvents.

Is zinc soluable?

No. Zinc is not soluble. It is a metal like gold is not soluble in water. There are some compounds of zinc like ZnCl that are soluble. I just learned this last unit in Chem class.

What is the name of solution can dissolve ester?

Which ester specifically? Some of them are soluble in water; acetone is also a pretty good solvent for many esters.