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Neither, MgCl2 is to be considered a neutral salt.

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It is a salt.

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Magnesium Chloride is a acid or a base....

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Q: Is magnesium fluoride an acid base or salt?
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Is sodium fluoride an acid or base?

Flouride is a base. It acts as a cleaning base in most toothpaste.

How do you separate salt from epsom salt?

Epsom salt, in fact, does not contain any table salt. A "salt", technically, is a strong base bonded with a strong acid. Epsom salt is Magnesium Sulfate, or MgSO4. Magnesium is a base and Sulfate is an acid.

Is potassium fluoride acid or base?

Potassium Flouride is a salt. It is neither acid nor base. It tends to be slightly alkaline.

Is magnesium nitrate a base or acid?

Neither. Strictly speaking it is a very weak base. A Magnesium Nitrate solution is neutral with a pH of 7.0. Salts of strong acids are neutral. Magnesium Nitrate is salt of Nitric acid which is very strong acid.

Chemical composition of epsom salt?

Was: the composition of epsom salt is magnesium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid Should be: Epsom Salts are Magnesium sulfate, usually with some water attached to it. Magnesium hydroxide is a base, hydrochloric acid is an acid. When Hydrochoric acid is not in water, it's a gas at normal temperatures - thus not able to be made into a dry powder. Acid + Base = salt + water. In this case it would make Magnesium Chloride + water.

Is MgBr2 an acid or a base or a salt?

MgCO3 is called magnesium carbonate. It's classified as salt.Since that the reaction of metal with acid forms salt of acid and hydrogen gas:metal + acid --> salt of acid + hydrogen gasmagnesium + carbonic acid --> magnesium carbonate + hydrogenMg + H2CO3--> MgCO3+ H2

Is sodium fluoride a salt or a base?


Is BaF2 a strong acid or base?

Barium fluoride can be considered to be the salt of barium hydroxide (a weak base) and HF (a strong acid). And a solution of BaF2 will be weakly acidic.

Is MgOH2 a base acid or salt?

Magnesium hydroxide Mg(OH)2, is a BASE. This is easily noted by the presence of the hydroxide ions.

What is the name of salt formed when magnesium reacts with nitric acid?

The salt formed when magnesium reacts with nitric acid is magnesium nitrate.

Does acid form salt when united with a metal?

acid +metal ->salt+ hydrogen eg sulphuric acid + magnesium -> magnesium sulphate+ hydrogen

Is magnesium silicate a solid or liquid?