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yes because its atomic weight is 200.59 and tins is 118.71.

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Q: Is mercury a heavier element than tin?
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Is mercury a havier element than tin?


Which element is heavier Copper or Tin?

Tin is heavier then Copper.Copper has an atomic number of 29, while Tin has an atomic number of 50.

What element is lighter than antimony but heavier than indium?

Tin (Sn) Molar Mass = 118.71 g/mol

What is more heavier tin or metal?

Tin is a metal, so your question is nonsensical.

There are no known stable isotopes of the element with an atomic number of a 56 B 38 C100 D 20?

Element 20 is Tin. Element 38 is Strontium. Element 56 is is Barium. Element 100 Fermium. Fermium is artificially created, and has no stable isotopes. In general, there are no stable isotopes heavier than Bismuth (element 83).

What is the common element of tin?

Tin IS an element.

How can you differentiate between aluminum and tin?

Tin is softer and has a lower melting point. Its also a bit darker and is heavier than aluminium.

Which transistion element is used to fill cavities?

silver, copper, tin, and mercury is used also know as amalgam.

Does Mercury have more protons than electrons than tin?

Yes. Tin (Sn on your periodic table) has an atomic number of 50, which means it has 50 protons and 50 electrons. Mercury (Hg) has an atomic number of 80, which gives it 30 more each of protons and electrons.

What do they use for the element tin for?

Tin cans, tin foil...

What form is tin found in compound or a pure element?

an element, symbol Sn ( from its old name Stannum)

What Was The First Known element?

The first known elements were Gold, Silver, Copper, Iron, Lead, Tin, Mercury, Sulphur, and carbon... I think.