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No, the hardest thing is diamond.

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Q: Is pure titanium the strongest metal in the world?
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What kind of metal is titanium?

Titanium is a pure element not an alloy.

Is titanium a compound mixture?

No. Titanium is an elemental metal (#22 on the periodic table). Although titanium is often in different alloys (metal mixtures), pure titanium is not a mixture.

What is the world's strongest metal?

The world's strongest metal is titanium. Commercial grade Titanium (92% pure) is 63,000 psi (434 MPa), which can be compared to a low grade steel alloy but is 45% lighter. It is an alloy to natural elements tungsten, iridium and other metals including aluminum, molybdenum, iron, and manganese. It is also a super alloy of liqiud metal. Certain titanium alloys (e.g., Beta C) achieve tensile strengths of over 200,000 psi (1,400 MPa). Megapascal or MPa is a unit to measure tensile strength.

Is Tungsten the strongest PURE metal in the world if it's not then what is?

The strongest metal known to man as of this point in time is still titanium, and the strongest man made metal alloy is Carbon 40. (Although this is based only of what is known and available on the market, who knows what has been abd is being developed by the US Gov't and privat Industry? In matters such as these - real life is usually stranger than fiction).

Is Titanium found usually in pure or compound elemental form?

In nature, titanium is always found as a compound, not as a pure metal. Titanium is highly reactive (although less reactive alloys can be made from it).

What is the pure metal?

Tungsten is the strongest pure metal in the world. Tungsten has a very high density, more than 19.3 times denser than water. It is denser than uranium and lead.

What are the pros/cons of titanium cookware?

Pros and Cons of Pure Titanium Cookware. Titanium is strong, hard, and lightweight. This means titanium pots and pans can be constructed of thin sheet metal.

Does titanium exist as an atom or molecule?

Since it is a pure metal, hence an element, it exists as atoms.

Are there planets with a pure metal surface like titanium covered?

that informations is unknown. But hey a guy can dream

Whats the strongest metal in the world?

The metal with the highest Tensile strength is Steel. Steel can be hardened to make it stronger than plain iron or low grade steels. However, high-strength, hardened steels can be quite brittle and will snap like glass when it fails.Titanium is a strong metal for its density. Titanium is 1/3 the density of steel so it has a high strength to weight ratio. Aluminum is even lighter and is weaker. Engineers select the metal that has the strength and weight that is required for their design.Carbon fiber is a stronger material than steel. And some scientists have demonstrated that a spider's thread is stronger than anything.

Which metal is lighter and stronger?

Titanium is a very strong and light metal and is used in aircraft, naval ships, spacecraft, armor plating and missiles. It can withstand even extreme temperatures and has excellent corrosion resistance. The cons is the it is very expensive.

Which is the strongest metal?

It might be difficult to determine the "strongest" metal when considering the different characteristics attributed to metals. That said, it is probably tungsten that is the strongest of the metals (in pure form). It has the highest tensile strength of all pure metals. Alternately, titanium could be considered the strongest, as it has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metallic element.However, it is not possible to answer this question definitively, as there are three measures of strength: tensile strength (the ability to withstand being pulled apart without deforming), compressive strength (the ability to withstand being compressed without deforming), and shear strength (the ability to resist forces perpendicular to the items main axis, rather than along it, as with tensile or compressive forces). All metals have different characteristics, and the strongest in each category is not the same.In addition, when one says "metal," do you mean a metallic element, or any of the various metal alloys? There are only a very limited number of metallic elements, but there are an enormous number of metal alloys.