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Solubility is a physical property

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Q: Is soluble in ammonia a chemical property?
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Will cooking oil and the chemical ammonia mix well?

No they are not. Ammonia is soluble in water.

Is a soluble in alcohol a physical or chemical property?

Solubility is considered as a chemical property.

What is the chemical equation when NH3 plus AgI?

Silver iodide is not soluble in ammonia solution.

What is an important chemical property of a plastic bottle engineered to hold ammonia?

The plastic bottle does not have to react with ammonia.

Can a chemical property be the ability to react with ammonia?

Yes. The clue is in the word 'react'. Any reaction a substance undergoes is a chemical property.

Why is ammonia gas not collected over water?

Because ammonia is quite soluble in water, so that not all of the gas produced could be collected over water.

Physical property of ammonia?

Ammonia is a colorless gas with a pungent odor. It is highly soluble in water, forming a strongly basic solution. Ammonia is lighter than air and can easily be liquefied under pressure.

Which is more soluble in water ammonia or nitrogen?

Ammonia is more soluble in water than nitrogen. Ammonia can form hydrogen bonds with water molecules, increasing its solubility, whereas nitrogen is a nonpolar molecule and has limited solubility in water.

What is a chemical property for nitrogen?

it reacts with metals to liberate nitrides and hydrolyses with water to form ammonia

Is soluble a chemical or physical properties?

Physical Property are those that can be observed or measured without affecting the composition of the sample. Density, hardness, viscosity, malleability, solubility, melting temperature, and boiling temperature are some examples of physical property.

What is chemical equation for ammonia?

The chemical equation for ammonia is NH3.

Chemical symbol of ammonia?

The chemical formula for ammonia is NH3.