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Q: Is steam condensing on a mirror a physical change?
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Why steam condensing is physical change?

Its still water.

Is steam condensing into water a physical change?

no because there is no change in the molecular aspect and it will soon go back to water as rain.

The change of state from Gas to LIquid?

The process of changing matter from the gaseous state to the liquid state is called condensing. A common example of condensation is steam from a hot shower condensing into water on the cooler bathroom mirror.

What are examples of water condensing?

when we take a bath the mirror has on it some gas, the steam on the sauna, and maybe fire

When you heat up water and it changes to steam is it a physical or chemical change?

physical change because you are not doing anything to the object to change its ingredients or the way it is constructed and all you are really doing is adding heat.

What physical change happens when a mirror fogs?

A gas is changing to a liquid. Namely evaporated water (such as steam from a shower) is coming into contact with the cooler mirror and turning back into liquid water.

When steam is cooled in the air you can see it condensing What process is that?

When steam is cooled in the air, you can see it condensing into a mist. This process is called condensation.

Is steam a chemical raection?

NO!!!! It is a physical change of water from liquid to gas(vapour).

Is steam from a kedal a physica l or chemical change?

Steam from a kettle is a physical change.

Why is condensation of water vapor is a chemical change?

It's not !... It's a physical change. Chemically - whether water is frozen into ice, is liquid as water or a vapour (steam) - it's still the same substance.

Is production of steam a chemical or physical change?

The change from liquid water to steam is a physical change in the state of matter. Evaporation is the term for a liquid becoming a gas.

What is a condensing steam locomotive?

A condensing steam locomotive uses a condenser connected to a series of valves and other equipment. It is designed primarily to reduce emissions, but otherwise is a typical steam locomotive.