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The Periodic Table is a way of sorting the chemical elements according to their number of protons, electron configurations, and properties. It demonstrates how these properties follow a predictable pattern. Elements near each other on the table, especially in the same column, share properties. This system was so effective that it was even able to predict elements before they were discovered.

add. As far as the chemistry part is concerned, it is the electrons, (and the spaces in their shells) that react in a chemical process.

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No, only elements are.

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neither it is organized by atomic number

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Yes, it is.

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Q: Is the periodic table classified under chemistry?
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Which period is Beryllium classified under on the periodic table?

Beryllium is classified under Period 2.

How are spiders classified?

under the periodic table of the elements. moron

What group is Lutetium in on the periodic table?

Lutetium is classified under Group 3, an element under Lanthanides.

What group is beryllium classified under on the periodic table?

Group 2A. Alkaline Earth Metal.

Sulfur is a transition metal?

No, it is under the group on the Periodic Table of Elements where Oxygen is classified. 2~`~*^Hope this helps^*~`~2

What elements are in the gold family on the periodic table?

It is classified under the Copper family, which is Group 11.

Is Thalium classified under Group 10 of the periodic table?

No, Thalium is classified under Group 13, also known as the Boron family, Period 6, with an atomic number of 81 and is represented by "Tl".

What is an actinoid?

An actinoid is another word for an actinide, one of the fourteen chemical elements positioned under the lanthanides on the periodic table to which they have similar chemistry.

Where are there actnoides placed on the periodic table?

Actinoids are placed in a separate row under the periodic table.

What is the most useful source of information about the chemical elements?

a periodic table google it look under images and they should all be right it starts with 1 hydrogen

Where are the lanthanides placed in the periodic table?

Lanthanides are placed in a special row under the classical periodic table; but this arrangement is only a convention.

What category do most of the element of the periodic table fall under?

they are mostly classed as metals because most of the periodic table is classed as metals.