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False, electrons are negatively charged whereas neutrons have no charge.

An electron is of opposite charge to a proton which has a positive charge.

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Q: Is true or false electron and neutron have opposite charge?
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An atom that carries an electric charge is called a neutron?

No. That would be called an ion.

Neutron has a charge of plus 1 true or false?


Do Protons have the same magnitude of charge as electrons but are opposite in sign?

No. Protons are positive and neutrons are neutral. Protons have exactly the opposite charge as that of electrons, even though they differ greatly in mass. Proton is 1826 times heavier than electron.

Is it true or false that the proton and the electron have similar masses but opposite electrical charges?

False. A proton is about 2000 times heavier than an electron.

A proton is a subatomic particle carrying a charge equal to but opposite that of an electron true or false?

True. But please note that there are other differences between the proton and the electron as well - for example, the proton has a larger mass, and the proton is made up of smaller particles, while the electron - as far as we know - is not.

Is it true or false Protons are located in the nucleus of the atom?

False. A proton is found inside the nucleus of an atom.

What particle in a atom has no charge?

Protons have a positive charge, electrons have a negative charge and neutrons carry no charge because they contain a proton and a electron which causes the charge to remain neutral. EDIT: the above is false, well at least the part about the neutron Neutrons, 1 up quark 2 down. No charge, slightly more mass than proton Electrons, Elementary particle,Negative charge. 1/1836 mass of proton Protons 2 up quark 1 down. positive charge.

Is the following sentence true or false An atom that loses electrons has a negative charge?

False. It an Atom is losing electrons, the negative charge is being removed. The resulting charge of the Atom is positive. Think of it this way, when you add the two pieces, do you get the same thing you started with? Neutral Atom (0) - Electron (-) = Positive Atom (+) in reverse Positive Atom (+) + Electron (-) = Neutral Atom (0)

Is the following sentence true or false hydrogen servers as the final electron acceptor of the electron transports chain?


Hydrogen serves as the final electron acceptor of the electrons transport chain true or false?

False. Oxygen serves as the final electron acceptor of the electron transport chain.

What is charge for false pretence contrary?

how is the charge foe false pretence contrary

Is it true that A proton is 24 times more massive than a neutron?

False. The mass of proton and neutron are almost similar.