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atomic numbers

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Q: Mendeleev left spaces in his periodic table and predicted several elements and they're?
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What was Mendeleev's contribution to the knowledge of elements?

When making his periodic table Mendeleev noticed some spaces where elements should be couldn't be filled. He didn't want to force elements that didn't belong there to go there, so he believed the spaces were undiscovered elements. He left the names blank but predicted their properties. Later the elements Mendeleev predicted existed were discovered.

From gaps in his table mendeleev predicted the existence of several elements and their?

Atomic numbers.

Who predicted that the existence of several missing elements?

You think probable to Dimitri Mendeleev.

Was Mendeleev's periodic table accurate enough that he was able to use it to predict the existence and several properties of certain elements that had not yet been discovered?

Mendeleev was able to predict the properties of the elements that were not discovered at that time. He left gaps for these elements in his Periodic Table.

Development of periodic table?

The modern periodic table of the elements was published by Dimitri Mendeleev in 1869. Several new elements have been discovered and added to the table since then.

Which scientist developed the only periodic table of elements?

Dmitri Mendeleev published the first periodic table in 1869. He built on the work of several other scientists, including Antoine Lavoisier, Johann Dobereiner, Alexandre-Emile Beguyer de Chancourtois, and John Newlands, who had previously studied the best way to classify the elements.

How many non metal are in the periodic table?

The number of non metals (excepting metalloids) in the periodic table of Mendeleev is 17; several other elements are sometimes consideredas non metals.

What major accomplishements did Dmitri Mendeleeve do?

Dimitri Mendeleev developed the law of periods and the periodic table, and described the properties of several elements before they were isolated by scientists.

Mendeleev's periodic table was accurate enough that he was able to use it to predict the existence and several properties of certain elements that had not yet been discovered true or false?


Who created the periodic table?

The first periodic table was developed by Dmitri Mendeleev in the mid-19th century.He wasn't the only person thinking along those lines ... both John Newlands and Lothar Meyer had proposed similar ideas However, Newlands was largely criticized and ignored at the time, and Meyer didn't make any predictions, so Mendeleev's table (which did make predictions about the properties of several as-yet-undiscovered elements) is generally regarded as the first.

What came first the periodic law or the periodic table?

The periodic law came first. Mendeleev enunciated this law as "when the elements are arranged in order of increasing atomic weight, there is a periodic repetition of their chemical properties". He proceeded to construct a table based around this law. In constructing the periodic table Mendeleev used remarkable chemical insight, changing the atomic weights of several elements, atomic weight and valence of a few, and leaving a few spaces where there seemed to be room for an undiscovered element in the table -- he was able to predict the chemical properties of these then undiscovered elements with amazing accuracy.

When did the periodic table start getting used?

The periodic table of elements was first created by Dimitri Mendeleev in 1869. However, it took several years for his version to gain widespread acceptance and use. Since then, the periodic table has become an essential tool in chemistry and has undergone many revisions and refinements.