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Mendeleev's Periodic Table of elements certainly wasn't created in 1901

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the answer is false if ur on apex
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Q: Mendeleevs periodic table of elements was created in 1901?
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How was mendeleevs periodic table like todays periodic table?

it has elements

Main idea of mendeleevs first periodic table?

In Mendeleev's periodic table, the elements were arranged in the increasing order of their atomic masses and repeating periodic properties.

What did Mendeleevs periodic table look like?

It looks the same as it did when Mendeleev created it. There are no changes made to the table throughout the years because Mendeleev had predicted the correct placement for all of our current known elements.

What changes were made to the periodic table after Dmitri mendeleevs discovery?

they changed the 3 new Elements.

Mendeleevs periodic table was useful because it enabled scientists to predict properties of unknown?


Who is mendeleevs?

Dmitri Mendeleev was a Russian chemist; he proposed the modern Periodic Table of elements in 1869.

What were mendeleevs discoveries and predictions and discoveries abot the periodic table?

Mendeleev predicted that properties of elements are periodic function of atomic mass. He demonstrated it by creating a table.

Which two elements on the periodic tabel would have been placed in different groups in moseleys periodic table but not in mendeleevs?

bi and po

Why the improvement in Mendeleevs periodic table was made?

To understand the concept of Periodic Table

Why is the mendeleevs table called the periodic table?

Because the properties of the elements change in a periodic fashion. In the early versions, when fewer elements were known, the chemically similar elements were thought to occur every eight positions.

What was Mendeleevs proposal?

Dmitri Mendeleev was a Russian chemist who proposed the Periodic Law. He published the first periodic table of the chemical elements in 1869, based on the increasing atomic masses of the different elements.

What is the name of the table of elements?

A Periodic table The Periodic Table of the Elements.