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escapes into th air!! (:

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Q: Mercury stays in the test tube or escapes into the air?
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When bright red mercury (II) oxide is heated in a test tube oxygen gas is evolved and droplets of liquid mercury condense at the cooler top of the test tube.?

Yes, it is correct.

What is the danger in heating a test tube?

The materials in the tube could chemically combine, releasing energy, or they could boil, burn, or explode. Any of these is a hazard if the material escapes from the tube or breaks it open. The glass in the tube could also fracture or break with improper heating.

Where was the test tube made?

when was test tube first made,when and who?

What are the classifications of test tube?

test tube is classified in to various types namely hard test tube ,boiler test tube,20 ml test tube

What you must do to inspect the drink tube assembly?

perform a tube leak test perform a tube leak test perform a tube leak test perform a tube leak test perform a tube leak test perform a tube leak test perform a tube leak test

What pushes mercury up a tube in a mercury barometer?

the air off of Mercury has a big tube in the inside of it and it pushes in up

Design an experiment to test the air pressure at different altitudes?

The historical experiment is to create a long, thin glass tube, sealed at one end. Immerse the tube in liquid Mercury then stand it upright so that there is an evacuated segment at the top (sealed) end of the glass tube. Then walk up a mountain and not how the height of the mercury in the tube changes. Warning: Mercury is poisonous, deadly so after long exposure.

What pushes Mercury up in a tube of a Mercury barometer?

That depends on the 'tube' involved. In a thermometer the mercury expands and contracts within a sealed tube as the temperature is raised or lowered. In a barometer there is a reservoir of mercury which the atmosphere presses on. This maintains the mercury in a column which is sealed at the top. Increases in atmospheric pressure push the mercury further up the tube, decreases let it drop down the tube.

Why mercury falls in capillary tube?

because,the adhesive force of mercury in more compared to the cohesive force which acts on a capillary tube. that's why mercury falls in capillary tube

What is a control test tube?

There are many uses of the electromagnet, it is used to invent generators and electric motors, used it to control the switch relay, use in practical industries, and even in an electric bell etc. Because the electromagnet is a type of magnet in which the magnetic field is produced by the electric current.

How do you replace orifice tube on 2005 mercury marquis is?

How do you replace the orifice tube on a 2000 Mercury Marquis

What is the source of error when using a test tube?

A test tube (or sample tube) has no errors.