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at the bottom of the beaker

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Q: Observation of potassium permanganate and water?
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What is concluded when potassium permanganate is placed in water?

A water solution of potassium permanganate is formed.

When a crystal potassium permanganate is placed in a beaker its purple color spreads through out the water what does this observation tell us about the nature of potassium and water?

Since the purple color is due to the permanganate ion and not the potassium ion, pretty much bupkis.

What happens when you mix potassium permanganate with water and glycine?

it makes potassium permanganate with water and glycine...

Diffusion of potassium permanganate and water?

Potassium permanganate particles diffuse into water molecules and the particles of potassium permanganate mix into water even without stirring. From the higher concentration to lower concentration.

Is Surface tension of water affected by potassium permanganate?

Yes. Surface tension of water increases with addition of potassium permanganate.

What happens to the ions when potassium permanganate are dropped into water?

When potassium permanganate is dropped into water, the ions are solvated by the water molecules. This results because potassium permanganate is water soluble. Thus, the solid compound is separated into aqueous ions.

What does potassium permanganate dissolve in water or oil?


Can potassium permanganate dissolve in water?


Formula for potassium permanganate?

Potassium permanganate is KMnO4.

Is potassium permanganate and water solution or suspensions?

Potassium permanganate and water form a solution, unless here is so much potassium permanganate present compared to the amount of water that the solubility limit is exceeded. In the latter instance, there might be both solution and suspension.

What happens when you add potassium permanganate to water?

It dissolves.

What happen if the potassium permanganate solution drop to the water?

The permanganate dissolves slowly in water to form a purple solution.

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