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First, the potassium permanganate dissolves in the water, then it disperses through the water as a result of random thermal motion.

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2012-09-11 13:57:31
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Q: Why does the purple colour spread when a crystal of potassium permanganate is placed in water?
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What is concluded when potassium permanganate is placed in water?

A water solution of potassium permanganate is formed.

When a crystal potassium permanganate is placed in a beaker its purple color spreads through out the water what does this observation tell us about the nature of potassium and water?

Since the purple color is due to the permanganate ion and not the potassium ion, pretty much bupkis.

What would happen if a potassium alum seed crystal is placed in a supersaturated copper sulfate solution?

The seed will be destroyed.

What is a biodot?

A biodot is a small circle containing a liquid crystal whose colour indicates the temperature of the skin on which it is placed.

Fumigation methods for neonatral incubator?

Fumigation is usually done with formaldehyde gas using 40 ml of 40 per cent commercial formalin and 20 g of potassium permanganate for each 2á8 m3 of space inside the incubator or hatcher. Potassium permanganate may be placed in a glass or earthenware container and formalin poured over it. Fumigation should preferably be done-at the end of the working day and then the rooms closed.

When placed into water it bursts into flames?


What kind of reaction occurs when potassium is placed in the water?

Metallic potassium, placed in water, will react with water molecules, forming potassium hydroxide, and releasing hydrogen gas. 2K + 2H2O ==> 2KOH + H2

What type of spectrum is emitted during a flame test?

Emission spectrum of the elements placed in the flame. The flame test is usually applied when Sodium, Potassium or other such metals are thought to be present since they give a very noticeable result - Sodium gives orange colour to the flame (as it does to sodium street lighting!) - Potassium gives a lilac colour etc

What happens when potassium is placed with water?

If you take a look at reactivity series then you will notice that potassium is at the top and it is highly reactive with water.When it is placed in water then the hydrogen produced catches fire and potassium shoots away so this reaction is highly reactive.

What was the colour of the robe placed on Jesus?

The colour of the robe put on Jesus was a purple one.

What is the abbreviation for potassium in the periodic table?

The abbreviation for potassium is " K " in the periodic table. It is placed in group-1 of the periodic table.

What kind of reaction occurs when potassium is placed in water?

it is a decomposistion reaction.

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