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The smallest meaningful unit of language structure is a morpheme.

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Q: The smallest meaningful unit of language structure is called?
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What is the smallest meaningful unit in the structure of language called?


In computer language whats the smallest unit of information called?

a bit

Why is c called a structured language?

a synonym for structure language in "Comb-sturctured" languages. C in comb.

What structure is at the end of the smallest tubes in lungs?


What are tokens in c language?

in c program the smallest individual unit is called c-token

Is there a language called mixteco?

Quite possibly, although speech which takes vocabulary from one language and grammatical structure from another is properly called a creole rather than a language.

What is a formatting language that marks text with a set of tags that define the structure and behavior of a Web document?

The body element indicates structure and content.

What is the difference between sociology of language and sociolinguistics?

The study of society in relation to language defines what is generally called the sociology of language. sociolinguistics deals with analysis of language (language w.r.t society), whereas sociology of language deals with social structure (society w.r.t language)

What is the basic structure and function in living things?

The basic structure and function of living things is the cell. It is the smallest unit that can reproduce. Cells are often called the building blocks of life.

'C'language is called block structure language why?

Because a C program is constructed via a series of "blocks" or functions. It is not an object oriented language.

What is a word in linguistics?

A word is the smallest independent meaningful element in a language. It is the most basic linguistic sign. Words contain one or more vocal sounds or one or more written symbols. Words come in several classes called parts of speech which are verbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, interjections, and numerals.

What is a organized meaningful data called?

Organized meaningful data is called information. Information that is useful to one person is not necessarily useful to another person.