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Q: The soap to lather up in the bath it worked before now what to do?
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What did North Americans use before Bath Soap?

All that they used before bath soap was cold or warm water

What is the foam that soap makes called?


The foam soap makes?

A lather

Are sud and lather the same thing in English?

Yes. Soap suds and lather are the same.

What does a foam soap makes means?


Why does new soap lather more than old soap?

It is only an illusion.

Can you make me a sentence using the word lather?

Put soap in your hands, rub it around and then you will create lather.

What S forms when soap is used in hard water?

Hard water does not produce lather. So soap does not work effectively with hard water as soap does not form a good lather with hard water.

What is foam made of soap and water called?


What does foam soap make?

lather bubbles suds

What foam soap makes?

lather bubbles suds

What is the meaning of bath soap?

soap use in bath