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Out-group derogation

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Q: The tendency to put down and treat other groups unfairly is called?
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People favor their in-groups and when they treat other groups unfairly it is called?

Out-group derogation - apex

How did the Civil Rights Movement expand to encompass other minority groups?

The Civil Rights uncovered various expectations that were concealed prior to the movement. Other minority groups and women were better able to determine how they were being treated unfairly themselves.

What is ethnochauvinism?

Ethnochauvinism is when you are chauvinistic about your ethnic group. That is, you say yours is better than any other ethnic group, you put down members of other groups and unfairly discriminate against them.

What is the tendency for people to stereotype ethnic or racial groups that are distinctly different from each other but have similar characteristics?

spillover bigotry

Tendency to combine with other substances and form new one?

This is called reactivity.

What is the tendency to combine with other substances and form new ones?

This is called reactivity.

What is the tendency to combine with other substances to form new ones?

This is called reactivity.

Small groups of friends who share intimate knowledge and activities with each other are called?


What is it called when separated groups of a population Kaynak mate with each other?

It is called speciation.

Cells live with other cells in like groups called?


What are Examples of family tendencies?

Some family tendencies are: the tendency to argue (or not to argue); the tendency to help each other (or not to help each other), the tendency to eat meals together (or not to eat meals together), the tendency to share (or not to share), the tendency to worship together (or not to worship together), etc.

What are the colums of the periodic table called?

The columns are groups or families. The rows are periods. The groups are numbered 1 to 18, with certain other distinctions. Group 18 is known as the noble gases. There are also larger groupings in to categories such as metals, non-metals, transistion metals, metaloids, etc.