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Q: Transformer with aluminium coils or cooper?
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What is the center of an electromagnet called when it is surrounded by coils of wire?

In a transformer it is known as the transformer core.

How do you know if transformer has copper or aluminium windings?

They have both.

Why you uluminium on primary side of transformer?

This isn't the case. You can have aluminium or copper on primary or secondary side of a transformer.

Describe how transformer coils are constructed?

mylif eis here

What happen if you apply triangular input to transformer?

there will be no neutral point in the circuit and high voltage will be across the transformer coils

What is an electrical device that changes the voltage of electricity through the use of two sets of coils.?

The electrical device is a transformer.

When you have 12 coils on the output side of a transformer and 3 coils on the input side with 100 volts output what is the input voltage?


Why is a power transformer so heavy?

Due to the heavy coils found inside the body also you will find an insulation that is oil type, that s why it s so heavy , but if u look at the dry type transformer u will find it so light and compact that s all i know my sir Eng: Amr <<>> The reason that power transformers are so heavy is from the steel laminations that the core of the transformer is built from. The outside transformer is constructed out of steel which also adds to the weight. Transformer coils these days are using aluminium wire for the primary and secondary wraps. This keeps the weight down and also helps in preventing copper theft.

How can a change in the voltage of a transformer's primary coil create a change in the secondary coils voltage without the coils touching?

The more coils you have on one side will increase the magnetic force

What are the basic construction of a single phase transformer?

two coils and a metal plates

The ratio of coils on the input side of a transformer to coils on the output side is the ratio of the input voltage to the output voltage?

I think you mean 'turns' rather than 'coils' (a coil is made up of a number of turns). The answer is that, yes, the turns ratio is the same as the voltage ratio, for an ideal transformer.

Is a transformer load inductive or capacitive?

A transformer is fundamentally a set of coils; therefore, a transformer is an inductive load. However, by "transformer load", you seem to mean "the load that is connected to a transformer". Whether that load is inductive or capacitive depends mostly on what is hooked up to the transformer.