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Per 100g of apple

5.9g Fructose 2.4 g Glucose

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Q: Type of sugar in apple
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Which has more sugar pear or apple?

Type your answer here... Pear

Does apple pie have sugar in it?

Yes it does, both the natural sugar from the apples, and depending on the type of apple pie you make, white sugar in the recipe (two crust), or brown sugar in the topping (dutch)

What type of sugar in a red apple?

A2. Fructose is the sugar found in many fruits, including apple, and is an isomer of glucose. This and the starch in the fruit form the basis of Cider and scrumpi.A1 apples contain no sugar.

What happens when you put an apple in sugar water?

You have an apple with sugar water

What is an apple fritter?

An apple fritter is a type of fritter made with pieces of apple deep-fried in batter and served covered with powdered sugar, honey or cinnamon.

Sugar in an apple?

yes, there is some sugar in an apple but it is all natural, and has a great deal of nutrition of the apple in the peel not the inside, where the sugar is found.

How much sugar is there in an apple?

3 gms of sugar of small raw apple

How many grams of sugar in apple cider?

how many grams of sugar are in apple cider

What is the scientific name for sugar-apple?

The scientific name for the sugar-apple is Annona squamosa.

How come my apple pie tastes bitter?

This may depend on the type of apples that you have used. Make sure that you are adding some sugar to your apple mix - it should have sugar, flour, and spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon.

Is applesauce as good for you as an apple?

no because apple sauce has added sugar on top of the high sugar content in a apple. so eating an apple is better

Is apple good for diabetes?

There is no outright yes or no answer to this question.It depends on if it is type 1 or type 2 diabetes you are talking about for one.An apple will raise blood sugar of either type.. though can be fit into a diet plan of a Type 2 diabetic or an appropriate dosage of insulin can be given to the person with type 1 (dose varies from person to person and quantity of apple consumed) so that the sugar in the apple will be metabolized properly with no ill effects.If however your question was asking if eating apple will "prevent" getting or "treat/cure" diabetes, no it will not.In general it is good for diabetics to consume fruits etc, but as with everything, only in the right quantities and not when the individual already has a high blood sugar. The sugar from an apple will usually be metabolized quicker than say, the sugar from a piece of cake though.Type 1 diabetic for 27 years.

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