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hold my nutsack

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Q: Water vapor holds in heat and distributes it during?
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When it's humid the air holds a lot of water vapor but when it's cold what happens to the water vapor?

nothing "happens" 2 the water vapor. the vast amount of water vapor in the air on a humid day as exactly bcoz its so hot. the water is drawn out of sources which holds it. but when its cold that water isn't drawn out

When air holds the water vapor it possibly can we say its?


When air holds a lot of water vapor what is it outside?

It is humid.

Which type of air holds the most water vapor?

Warmer air. :-)

Which holds more water vapor a warm air mass or a cold air mass?

A warm air mass and a cold air mass holds the same amount water vapor but the air mass is smaller

Which kind of air-warm or cold- holds the most water vapor?


What is the equilibrium condition in which a gas holds all the water vapor molecules that it can?

saturated or saturation

What gas is given off during a volcanic eruption?

Water vapor and carbon dioxide. Water vapor is the most abundant.

Which holds more water vapor 12kg of air or 20kg of air?

At the Chemical Convention known as STP, or Standard Temperature and Pressure, 20 kg of Air contains more water vapor.

Why doesn't Mars have tropical storms?

Tropical storms are fueled by water vapor that evaporates from warm ocean water. This water vapor holds enormous amounts of energy in the form of latent heat. Mars has no oceans and has very little water vapor in its atmosphere, so it cannot sustain such storms.

When does water vapor turn into a liquid?

During the process of Condensation.

What do plants release into the air during transportation?

Water Vapor