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Chemistry is related to physics, especially in the branch of quantum physics. Chemistry requires the understanding of the atom in order to be able to define bonding types and different chemical properties. Quantum physics is the branch of science that works to understand the atom so that chemists can use that knowledge.

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oenology - study of wines

pharmacy- study of medicine

geology - study of the earth

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The study of chemistry is about matter, chemicals etc. Chemistry is a pure science. It is a science - it is not related to it.

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Q: What Related science that make use of chemistry as their basis?
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Is a dish soap related to chemistry?

Yes - I make soaps at work and I am a chemist. It is chemists who design soaps

What kind of people would most often use chemistry in their work?

Chemistry is used to determine the chemical makeup of any molecular structure. By understanding chemistry, size, texture, colour, etc. can be determined. Chemistry is used to make so many products that we may not think about, such as the battery in your laptop, that barbecue flavour in your chips, the salt on you table, etc... it is actually used in all things like in our kitchen, we use chemistry to make our coffee, juices, our vouyance and even in cooking because we mix different kinds of mixtures like vinegar, soy sauce, and sugar in adobo. it is used too in construction sites, used by nutritionists and many people around the world. we uses chemistry to make drugs, medicines and many more^_^ chemistry is used for math and science Chemistry is used for a variety of things, one being the understanding and implications of chemicals and their uses or dangers. Chemistry is also used when we measure liquids, as mathematical volume measurements can be related to Chemistry, and vice versa. _______________________________________________________________ Cooking and baking in your kitchen are excellent examples of Chemistry being used in everyday life. Another example is pharmacology. Over-the-counter and prescription drugs are Chemistry in action!

What is the application of chemistry in hospital?

Medical science, as in all the drugs, medicines and technology Also if you mean "science" there is energy used by the equipment (physics) and there is light and heat transfer (physics) and also chemistry with chemical reactions of the medicine, as well as the biology of the cells.

What is the meaning of chemergy?

Chemergy is a neologism (new word) upsprung for Science Month in the Philippines. Altho meant to be a kenning of "chemistry" and "synergy" with the meaning of "combination of ideas in chemistry and science for a common result", the roots of the words do not show this. chem = chemistry and ergy = work Thus, the real meaning of chemergy from the roots is more something akin to chemical-work. Folks who make new words should always understand the roots. lobosolo 09 Oct 11 --- Chemergy, when we say chemergy it is the combined word of "Chemistry" and the Science clubbing of "Synergy" - marvin pamisa of 2-newsvine

What are some examples of games to help teach kids chemistry?

Some examples of games to help teach kids chemistry include Element Bingo, Balancing Equations and the Branching game. As children grow it is important that they are exposed to science and math. This will make easier and more fun.

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How is chemistry related to other field of science?

Chemistry is connected to other fields of science through the matter of the study, in the sense that it includes atoms and matter, which make up everything. Chemistry can be looked upon as a basis for all studies of Science, for which it examines the basis of what everything is made up of.

What is the physics of chemistry of the forces of matter?

A group of science-related English words that, together, manage to make no sense whatsoever.

How chemistry is related to glass industry?

Knowing the molecular make-up of materials (such as glass) is important in understanding both their properties and how to synthesise them. Chemistry thus plays an important part in the glass industry, being the science of matter.

What two fields make up physical science?

physics and chemistry

Why is chemistry considered as the heart of all sciences?

I'm a chemist, and frankly even I've never heard anyone so biased as to make this claim.Physics, maybe (Ernest Rutherford once famously said "All science is either physics or stamp collecting"); math, sure, I've heard that too. Chemistry? Not so much.However, chemistry might be considered as the basis for all biological science.

Make a list of at least 10 specialized branches of chemistry?

Chemistry is a branch of science and there are many specialized branches. Ten specialized branches of chemistry are nuclear chemistry, biochemistry, analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, thermochemistry, polymer chemistry, physical chemistry, medical chemistry, geochemistry and medicinal chemistry.

I am deciding wether to take physical science or chemistry next year in 10th grade My counselor wants me to take chemistry because she thinks I am way to advanced for physical science please help!?

If you have to make a decision between physical science and chemistry and your counselor feels you are too advanced for physical science then take the challenge and take the chemistry class. It's actually an interesting class and can be helpful in college.

Significance of chemistry in our daily lives.?

Chemistry, as we all know, is the central science. It is connected to other branches of science and of course connected to our daily lives for concepts of chemistry is always needed. Like for example: the materials we use everyday, it need concepts of chemistry. Chemistry also improves the way of life. that is all I can share.

What kinds of food science jobs require a background in chemistry?

Food science jobs that require a background in chemistry involve food preserving and deteriortion. These people also have to make sure all the ingregients are safe for consumtion.

What sciences make up enviromental science?

Environmental science is made up of physics, chemistry, biology, geology, geography, resource technology, and engineering.

How was science used to make the computer?

material to made the component of the computer....chemistry, the making of software..... physic

Who attempted to make chemistry a pure science?

Iben Hayan and Alrazi