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All forms of matter are made up of cells

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Q: What are all forms of matter made up of?
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Related questions

Is sound and light made up of matter?

Sound and light are forms of energy, not matter.

What is all matter made of?

all matter is made up of tiny partials called atoms

Is all matter made up of elements or compounds?

All matter is made up of elements, not compounds.

What forms of matter do you encounter in everyday life?

We encounter all forms of matter every day because matter is what makes up any object.

Is matter composed of basic substances called elements?

Matter is made up of anything that has mass, or takes up space. There is three forms of matter: Gas, Solid, and Liquid. Matter is also made up of elements.

What is the difference between something that is made up of matter and something that is not made up of matter?

There is not anything in the world that is not made of matter, because something that is not made of matter is not anything at all.

Are elements and compound all made up of matter?

Yes, anything and everything is made up of matter.

Is matter mostly made up of atoms?

All normal matter is made up of atoms. And Atoms are made up of smaller particles, and so on in to theoretical physics. There is also theorized to be "dark matter" to which we do not understand, and which might not be made up of matter at all. All we know is it has a gravitational force.

Is all matter in the universe made up of elements?

All visible matter in the universe is believed to be made up of elements, but the nature of "dark matter" is unknown.

How are compounds and matter related?

Matter is made up of atoms. Compounds are made of atoms. Some matter (but not all) is compounds. All compounds are matter, but all matter is not compounds.

All objects are made up of what?


What are matter made up of?

all matters are.............................

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