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hello there the bad things in chemistry is that some cemical can kill

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Q: What are bad things about chemistry?
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Is chemistry good or bad results?

Chemistry can be both good and bad. Chemistry is good when it makes new and useful products, improves the environment or makes things safer for everyone. An example of Chemistry Gone Really Wrong is IG Farben, the industrial base behind the Third Reich. They made a lot of things specifically designed to kill lots of people--and the infamous Zyklon B used on concentration camp prisoners was just one of them.

The important of chemistry in life?

Chemistry can be used to test things

What you are good in math does it mean your also bad in chemistry?

No, but your bad at english.

What are the product of chemistry?

The product of the chemistry are the things around us and most of all are we.

The branch of science that deals with non-living things?

Various branches of science deal with non-living things, but you may be thinking of Chemistry - which is usually split into Organic Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry. Inorganic would deal with the chemistry of non-living things.

Must living things obey the laws of chemistry and physics scie?

Living things obey the laws of chemistry and physics science.

How does chemistry affect our?

Here are some things that wouldn't be possible without the field of chemistry.

What are the things that related to chemistry and why it is related to it?


What are the five things in study in chemistry?


What is bad kharma?

When you do bad things, bad things will happen to you (you will get bad Karma)

Do bad things get bad things?

no way

Why chemistry is an important subject?

Because, if there is no chemistry, we are not worth living. All things are considered as matter and matter is a part of chemistry. -Chin

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