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atoms and hydrogen are bothe connected to make sub atomic particals.

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Q: What are connected because they are both sub-atomic particles?
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Who is model of the atom has no subatomic particles?

Both Democritus' and John Dalton's atomic models had no subatomic particles.

Which two subatomic particles are both found in the neucleus?

protons and neutrons

What statement is true about gold and silver?

They are both made of subatomic particles.

What is true about silver and gold?

they are both made up of subatomic particles

Are gold and helium both made of subatomic particles?

by definition, yes. All atoms are made of "sub"atomic particles.

Which two subatomic particles have the greastest mass?

protons and neutrons both are found inside the nucleus

How is subatomic particles and quarks related?

becuase there both atoms and are related in some sort of way

Why subatomic particles are called fundamental particles?

A positron is a fundamental particle because it does not consist of smaller particles, which would make it a composite particle. Fundamental particles can still decay or change identity however, but they have no (at least at this point) discernible internal structure. A proton on the other hand is a composite particle; it has an internal structure and consists of a mixture of gluons and quarks (which both are fundamental particles).

What are protons and neutrons called?

They are called "subatomic particles." Another answerer suggested "nucleons," but this applies only to nuclear particles (protons and electrons). They are also Fermions, but there are fermions other than these three. I would stick with "subatomic particles."

Nucleons are composed of?

A nucleon is a name for a group of two important subatomic particles. They consist of both neutrons and protons.

What do magnets and subatomic particles have in common?

They both have little particles inside of them that help them function correctly. they are alike mainly in two ways. they are both attracted to opposites. and also, they are retracted to like sides. -lif3isg00dx3

What are the subatomic parts of and atom?

There are three commonly referred to subatomic particles in an atom. The two that are in the atom's nucleus are the proton and the neutron. The one that zips around outside of the nucleus is the electron.