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Non-metals are exactly that. Anything that isn’t a metal. Hydrogen Helium Chlorine Fluorine Carbon Nitrogen Oxygen Phosphorous Bromine Iodine These are the few examples of 10 non metals.
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Q: What are the 10 examples of metals and non metals with symbols?
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List of non metals with their symbols?

1. Palladium- Pd 2. Argentum- Ag 3. Platinum- Pt 4. Aurum- Au 5. Mercury- Hg 6. Ruthenium- Ru 7. Rhonduum- Rh 8. Osmium- Os 9. Iridium- Ir 10. Rhenium- Re

Characteristics of non metal?

1.Non-metals are mostly liquids or gases but some are found in solid state.2.Non-metals are usually non-flexible.3.It is difficult to to mold non-meats and convert them into wires and sheets.4.In non-metals atoms are bonded by covalent bonds.5.Non-metals are usually non-conductors but few of them conduct electricity.6.Non-metals are easy to cut or break.7.Non-metals do not transfer heat.8.Non-metals do not have much brightness even on polishing.9.Non-metals do not absorb light.10.Non metals are usually light in weight and have low density.11.Non-metals usually have low melting and boiling points.12.Non-metals ion bear negative charge but some bear positive charge as well e.g.Hydrogen.13.Oxides of Non-metals are acidic.14.Non-metals have tendency to accept electrons.15.Non-metals do not react with water at room temperature.16.Non-metals rarely react with acids

What are 10 different metals you can use for a project of 10 different metals around the house?

Examples: iron, aluminium, zinc, lead, silver, gold, mercury, nickel, copper, magnesium.

Can you name a list of 10 NON metals?

Hydrogen, helium, boron, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, fluorine, neon, phosphorus and sulfur are ten non metals in the order of increasing atomic number.

Are there more metals or nonmetals?

There are more metals than non-metals. This occurs because of the transition metals group. When looking at a group on the periodic table the transition metals makes up a large portion because they are the atoms that take use of the the d orbital for electrons. The d orbital has room for 10 electrons and therefore there is a large number of transition metals per group.

10 examples of non-luminous objects?

Earth, bricks, plastic, metals, moon, planets ,mirrors, paper,rubber,pencils

What Are non examples of whole numbers?

10 11 are not whole numbers

Are coins an element compound or mixture?

Coins are metal alloys which is a mixture of metals and non metals.

What are 10 minerals that are non-metals?

Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Oxygen, Sulfur, Selenium, Fluorine, Chlorine and Bromine

How many solid non metals are there and what are they?

10 Boron Carbon Silicon Phosphorus Sulfur Arsenic Selenium Tellurium Iodine Astatine

What are non examples of prime factorization?

4 x 8 = 32 10 x 25 = 250

What are 10 examples of nonmetals?

Examples of non-matter: Cats & Dogs & Water should also be examples with what you have listed. Wind, Fog, Smoke & Smog are all matter. ShadowTemperatureWindFog, Smoke, Smog One tip for how to know what are non-matter: It does not consume space.