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Well, the alcohol can be seen, at least, and it will appear as a flat, gray smudge, a little transparent. After a while, the alcohol will be either sunken into the wax paper or dried out by evaporation. The wax paper is unaffected though, except for traces of the smell of alcohol.

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the water drop jsut sits there. it doesn't sink into the wax paper. it looks like a roud, spherical bubble jsut sitting there on the paper. if you put a tootchppick through it, the bubble still stays the same shape and the toothpick jsut goes right through it.

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Q: What are the behavior of alcohol drops in a wax paper?
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Will the shape of a drop of water and a drop of isopropyl alcohol on a piece of wax paper be the same or different?

No, the drop of Isopropyl Alcohol was in perfect circle whereas the water drops were circular but with lumpy edges.

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