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Q: What are the characteristic hybrid orbitals employed by carbon in a double bond in an alkene?
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What is the hybridization of an alkyl free radical?

the hybrdization of allyl radical carbon is sp2 which overlaps with the p orbitals of the alkene

How can you identify a hydrocarbon is alkane alkene or alkyne?

An alkene will have a double carbon-carbon bond and an alkyne will have a triple.

How many carbon-carbon double bonds are present in the molecule alkene?

It varies. An alkene is a homologous series that repeats itself. Like alkanes, the key feature of an alkene is the carbon-carbon bond. Alkane has a single bond, alkene has a double bond, and alkyne has a triple bond. So the answer is it depends on how many homologs are present.

What piece of information do you need to determine whether a molecule is an alkyne or an alkene?

An alkyne contains a carbon-carbon triple bond while an alkene contains a carbon-carbon double bond.

What is the term for unsaturated hydrocarbon with at least one double carbon-carbon bond?


What is the hybridization of a carbon that is in the alkene and aromatic functional groups?

This carbon should be Sp2 hybridized.

If an alkene has three carbon atoms what is it called?


An alkene is a carbon compound that contains a bond?

Double Bond.

What happens when you burn an alkene?

Carbon dioxide and water are released.

What kind of hybrid orbitals will carbon form?

s sp1 sp2 sp3 These are the hybridized orbitals that carbon will form.

What happens when a reaction take place between an alkene and alkane?

If alkene is straight chain and alkane has one tertiary carbon atom then alkylation of alkene takes place and a substituted alkane is produced.

What is the ratio between pure and hybrid orbitals in butane?

What a bizarre question! The pure orbitals are on the hydrogen atom and the carbon 1s orbitals. Butane is C4H10- so 14 "pure orbitals". The carbon atoms all have four sp3 hybids- so 16 hybrid orbitals. Ration is 14:16.