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The different atomic particles are:

  • protons
  • electrons
  • neutrons
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Q: What are the different atomic particles?
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How do chemical reactions proceed?

Atomic, and subatomic particles go to different atomic, and subatomic particles.

Which are the two important particles in an isotope?

The atomic particles of an isotope are the proton, electron and neutron

Why are electrons atomic particles?

Because they are particles, and they are part of the atomic structure.

What is the scientific number for electron and proton?

Both of them are sub atomic particles. They have different charges on them.

Definitions of sub atomic particles?

Sub-atomic particles are even smaller particles that make make an atom

Are particles destructitble?

Depends on 'what' particles: sand particles are, and atomic particles are not!

What particles move in atomic particles?


Why are electrons different sizes?

Because they have more atomic particles.

What is produced when a radioactive element decays?

Energy, various sub-atomic particles, a different element.

Why do quantum physicist typically use models to study atomic particles instead of observing atomic particles directly?

Atomic particles are too small to be easily observed directly.

What is the table of atomic particles?

I have never heard of a "table of atomic particles". Are you referring to the periodic table of elements?

What are the sub atomic particles for john daltons model?

protons,neutrons and electrons are the sub atomic particles