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examples of fertilizers

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Q: What are the examples of chemical fertilizers?
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What is one problem caused by chemical fertilizers?

Examples: pollution of waters and eutrophication.

Are fertilizers physical or chemical properties?


Can you state some examples for fertilizers?

some examples are :-

Chemical fertilizers stimulate plant growth but if the concentration is too high they may damage roots What precations concerning chemical fertilizers must a gardner take?

Chemical fertilizers stimulate plant growth; but if the concentration is too high, they may damage roots. What precautions concerning chemical fertilizers must a gardener take?

Fertilizers such as nitrates and phosphates are examples of what type of pollutant?

Minerals and chemicals

A chemical compound used in fertilizers?

Nitrogen :)

List of Common name and its chemical?


What chemical is found in detergents and fertilizers?


What is an environmental assessment of chemical fertilizers?

Chemical fertilizers can pollute the water supply. Their use helps to produce more crops but their quantities have to be carefully controlled.

Is nitrogen used in making chemical fertilizers?

Yes. Nitrogen is used for making many types of amide/amine-based chemical fertilizers. It is the main constituent of fertilizers like Urea & Di-Amino-Phosphate.

What man-made or man-refined chemical have the greatest impact on the phosphorus cycle?

The fertilizers have.

How does cost of organic fertilizers available in the market affect the growth of plants?

Although organic fertilizers are costlier than chemical fertilizers, the growth of the plants with organic fertilizers is more harmonious.