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An Arrhenius base that contains aluminum is Al(H2O)5OH2+

This ion has the unwieldy name pentaaquadihydroxoaluminum.

An Arrhenius base that contains lithium is LiF. This compound is known as lithium fluoride and is basic because F- is the conjugate base of the weak acid HF, and thus will form hydroxide ions in solution.

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Q: What are the names of two Arrhenius bases one that contains aluminum and one that contains lithium cations respectively?
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iron Fe3+

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Aluminum forms a cation with a 3+ charge, and the formula Al3+.

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Since this is a metal it is going to lose electrons. Metals lose the electrons while nonmetals gain electrons.

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No. Ferrous and ferric cations are divalent and trivalent respectively, but both are only single atom ions.

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The ratio aluminium/oxigen is 0,66 in Al2O3..

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either Aluminum or Boron are used in the synthesis of alum crystals

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