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They are Alkali metals, Alkaline Earth metals, and Carbon 16. ----

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  1. alpha, a fully ionized helium ion
  2. beta, an electron or sometimes a positron
  3. gamma, very high energy photon
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Gamma, Beta, and Alpha radiation. Gamma is in a form of a wave, Beta and Alpha are in a form of particles.

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I cannot write here (WA) the Greek letters alpha, beta and gamma.

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Q: What are the symbols for three radioactive particles and waves?
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What is primarily released in radioactive decay?

Particles or electromagnetic waves

Do outlets send out radioactive waves?

No, outlets do not send out radioactive waves.

What it means when an element is radioactive?

Radioactive elements have unstable nucleii. When an unstable nucleus decays it emits energy in the form of electromagnetic waves and heavy particles and in the process forms new nucleii.

Radioactive decay is the release of?

It depends on the type of decay. Alpha particles are helium nuclei, and contain 2 protons and 2 neutrons. Beta particles are just electrons. And gamma particles are electromagnetic waves with very high frequencies.

Is Wi-Fi radioactive?

No, it is radio waves, not electromagnetic or radioactive.

Light exhibits characteristics of waves particles both waves and particles neither waves nor particles?

Yes, light has both properties of light, and waves.

What types of waves can hurt you or kill you?

Radioactive waves can be fatal.

What is the difference between how transverse waves and longitudinal waves move particles?

In transverse waves, particles move in a parallel & perpendicular direction relative to the direction of energy transport.

How do waves get their energy?

by the particles in the sea when they bump togheter they give power to the waves by the particles in the sea when they bump togheter they give power to the waves

Sound waves are what waves?

Sound waves are longitudinal waves, which transfer energy by compressing particles, which then apply pressure on the particles infront of them. The point at which the particles are compressed is known as the compression, whereas the point at which the particles are most spaced out is known as the rarefaction

Which particles move parallel to wave motion?

The particles of the wave (for compressive waves). Or for transverse waves, yet the particles move parallel to the wave too.

What is heat energy that is transferred by particles or waves called?

Particles is one thing, waves is something else. Heat transferred by the motion of particles can be conduction or convection. Heat transferred by electromagnetic waves is radiation.