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The three common properties of matter are, Solid, Liquid, Gas.

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Three chemical properties of matter include burning, rusting, and photosynthesis. Phases of matter include liquid, gas, and solid. Phase changes include melting, boiling, and condensing.

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  • reactivity with other chemicals
  • toxicity
  • flammability
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Q: What are three chemical properties of matter?
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Is a property of matter chemical or physical?

Matter has chemical properties (ex.: chemical reactivity) or physical properties (ex.: thermal conductivity).

What are some properties of a matter?

phisical properties and chemical properties

What are the sub properties of matter?

The properties of matter are divided into two sub categories. Those categories are the physical properties of matter and the chemical properties of matter.

Is it true that chemical properties of matter cannot be determined from the composition of matter alone.?

Several chemical properties can be estimated knowing the chemical composition.

What are the definitions of chemical and physical properties?

The chemical def for this is ----- properties- the characteristics of matter ; how it behaves.

Does all types of matter have chemical or physical properties?

All types of matter have physical properties.

What makes one kind of matter different from another?

Examples:- the state of matter- the chemical composition- the chemical properties- the physical properties

How are chemical properties of matter characterized?

Correct characterization of matter chemical properties is possible by experimental studies; but theoretical methods exist for the approximate calculation the values for some chemical and physical properties.

What properties are used to describe matter?

Chemical Properties Physical Properties Etc.

Properties that can change the chemical composition of matter?

Chemical Properites

What are the basic three properties of matter?

The three basic properties of matter are solids, gases, and liquds

The three basic properties of matter are?

The three basic properties of matter are solids, gases, and liquds